The Best Sports Brands for Basketball

The Best Sports Brands for Basketball

Over the year’s sports has become an important aspect of any team. This has been the norm across the board from soccer teams, basketball teams to cricket just to name a few. Every season sports teams make an event to unveil their sportswear for the season. This is always a much awaited event for the fans, because this influences the fans sports gear.
Big brands in sportswear have over the years competed for a share in the sports brand. The available facts shows that these brands have managed to all maintain notable relevance and following. In this article we are going to look at some of the big sports brands among sports teams and in terms of sports gear.


In the past the mention of basketball would quickly make one think of Jordan. However, in the decade tables have changed with puma making buzz within the basketball community. Recently Puma has reentered the basketball market and are not slowing down in making huge impact. The Puma brand has very creative, they started off by singing up of the greatest Hip-hop influence Jay-Z. Puma is making history within the basketball culture by singing young athletes and the same using the guidance of the biggest names in the Hip-hop.
Moreover the Puma brand was birthed in 1948 and is well known for creating running shoes, though it is not limited to running shoes alone.


The Nike brand was founded in 1964 with their first basketball shoe being created in 1972. This basketball shoe was named Nike Bruin, however Nike has made a long line of sportswear. These include but not limited to socks, sweats, headbands, jerseys and many other types of clothing.

Nike is the leading brand in terms of branding basketball players, some of the prominent players that have being branded by Nike are the late Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant.
By far, Nike one of most influential sports brand in the entire world. They change the way people look at technology in sportswear. They created the newest and most popular basketball apparel. The have gone as building a modern day sneaker empire.


The brand Reebok which was founded in 1958 is one of the big players that have graced the basketball community during the 190s. However, today it is rare to see a player wearing a pair of Reeboks. The brand has since moved to making specialized basketball shoes. These are popular among hip hop artists and other fans of the brand.


The Adidas brand is globally well known athletic brand. The brand specializes in shoes though they do make other fashion apparel like tracksuits, caps, socks, shorts, headbands, hoodies and many other clothing wear for active wear.
According to studies Adidas is leading the way in terms of creativity. It is become one of the hottest brand in hip hop as well as establishing them self in the basketball culture.
The above mentioned sports brands are just a few among the many sports brands available on the market today.