Sports Wear Giants

Sports Wear Giants

There is always unending debate amongst sports enthusiast is as far as guaranteeing the biggest names in the sportswear manufacturing industry. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of well-known sports brands out there and most of them have managed to be relevant and top selling for decades now as they have managed to build up a lasting presence that have made them household names.
Some have gone past sportswear and have actual grew into becoming very popular clothing brands beyond sports and there is always debate amongst people on who are the most prominent sports brands there are. This article therefore aims on touching on some of the biggest names in as far as sportswear is concerned.

The Big 5 in the Sportswear Industry

The term Big 5 should not confuse people for the popular big 5 group of wild animals mostly found in Sub-Saharan Africa but this allusion as means to refer to the five biggest names in as far as the sportswear industry is concerned.


Having grown popular in the 19th century and garnering more noise in the 90s. Puma is a formidable sportswear brand that has managed to outlive other contenders’ overtime by having grown into becoming one of the most popular brands in world sport.
Popular sports outfits like African soccer giants, Cameroon have for decades built a noticeable brand loyalty with puma. As it has been their branding partner for decades now. Puma goes beyond Africa and instantly Usain Bolt comes into mind.
Anyone who has ever had the chance to watch the well-decorated sprinter’s Olympics moments can attest to have noticed how Usain Bolt was always clad in a Puma sports suit. As Bolt is always mentioned amongst the biggest names to ever grace the world of sport the Puma can stand proud given their deep rooted association


Also known as, the three stripes Adidas has grown into one of the biggest sportswear brand the world over and certain schools of thoughts actually argue that it could be the biggest sportswear-clothing brand the world over and has been aligned to big names like Lionel Messi and Serena Williams at some point.


If Adidas is going to be the biggest sportswear brand the Nike can classified the second largest and the opposite can still be true if Nike becomes the largest in the same regard. This is due to the fact that there has never really been a clear indication on who rules the roost.


For athletes like long distance runners, xtep is a reputable sportswear range given how they are said to produce good quality footwear, which many regard as excellent for long distance running thus becoming a popular feature.


In as much as basketball is concerned as sport, Jordan is an uncontended sportswear brand having been popularised by global basketball great, Michael Jordan who is a world acclaimed sporting legend and having a sportswear brand to his name make Jordan a giant.