Materials used for Sports Clothing

Materials used for Sports Clothing

Technology has in a big way impacted the sporting industry. Even the materials used for sportswear has never been the same again. Every now and then the quality is constantly changing to match the modern day demands. The clothing material comes in different types and shades, some materials are specifically meant for certain seasons.

Moreover, in the present economy the market is filled with different types of clothing which can be used in sporting activities at different prices. Some of the clothing are not good quality and they risk the safety of the players. The different types both serve differently, some of the cloths absorb sweat faster and some of the material does not. In this article we will look at some of the materials used for sports clothing.

The Synthetic Fabric

The synthetic fabric is commonly used for sportswear in summer. The fabric is the best option for a quick sweat absorbing fabric. Moreover, it is very efficient to people who have breathing challenges. This fabric absorbs sweat faster and this is good unlike other plastic based materials.

Miracle Microfiber Material

This is made using denier fiber. It is made of nylon and polyesters. This fabric helps in spreading moisture. Hence, most sporting brands prefer using this fabric during winter.

Cotton Fabric

This is quality for athletic clothes. Cotton is a fabric that is used you make a number of sporting clothes like socks. Cotton clothes help to do away with sweat easily and helps it to evaporate from skin easily.

Calico Fabric

This is made from cotton which is unprocessed. It is a soft fiber which is not heavy and one can wear it freely.

Spandex Fabric

This is also known as elastin. It can be stretched without a tear. When it is not being used it goes back to its original size. It is the material that is used in films to make costumes for Batman and Spiderman. It is used in gymnastics and also as swimming costumes.

One must select the fabrics with the correct materials for sporting activities. One must also avoid wearing tight fitting clothes as they affect blood circulation.

Sporting fabrics must be not tight fitting as they limit one’s gaming activities and how they play. The type of fabric wears determines how they will perform during sports.

In yoga one must use fabrics that stretch to enable the circulation of blood freely. In most circumstances the clothes must be knitted.


Thermal Insulation

These fabrics are not good with insulators. These fabrics are easier to wear .This is an easy conductor of heat and therefore it will keep one warmer.


This fabric absorbs moisture faster. This enables the fiber to transport heat faster and circulation. These fibers dry quickly and there are mostl6used in athletic wear.


This fabric has open spaces that allow the free circulation of air.15% of the fabric contains holes. This is a very important fabric in sportswear as it provides comfort and stretches.

In conclusion there are a number of fabrics that can be used in Sportswear. They must allow good aeration and must not be tight fitting. The fabric include spandex, cotton and calico. Sports enthusiasts can play online casino after a long day of sporting activities.