Role of good nutrition to your health

Proper nutrition is essential for one to maintain good health. This will go a long way in ensuring that one stays both mentally and physically healthy. It is a common misconception that proper nutrition involves starving. To correct this, we can, therefore, say that proper nutrition is about having the recommended portions of each type of food. This also includes ensuring that one does not surpass the recommended dietary allowance for each type of food. Here is the role of good nutrition in your health.

Benefits of good nutrition to your body

Good immune system

Our immune system is the defense for our bodies whenever foreign objects enter our systems. The immune system is first to detect such foreign organisms and initiate the defense mechanism to help in getting rid of them. The immune system needs a boost for it to function properly. Good nutrition is about ensuring one gets the recommended portion of foods that will help in boosting the immune system like the fruits and vegetables. This will ensure that our bodies don’t get easily infected by diseases since the immune will be stronger.34r5tyhtrt4

Maintaining proper weight

Many diseases find their source from weight matters. If one is overweight, they are prone to many lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes among others. Proper nutrition will help one eat the different foods in recommended portions so that they have balanced eating. This will help in ensuring that one does not take more of one type of food which may make them add weight unnecessarily. As a result, one will save the money they would have used for the treatment of the diseases gotten as a result of being overweight.

Healthy bones and teeth

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. To get that beautiful smile, one should have strong teeth and are in perfect health. Good oral health is not about brushing your teeth only. It also includes eating the right types of food that are rich in calcium to help one have strong teeth. Strong bones are also necessary since they support our weigh. One needs to feed on foods rich in calcium like milk so that they get both strong teeth and bones. Food rich in vitamin D also helps in ensuring that the calcium is absorbed in the body.

Good cardiovascular health

r4t5yhthrgt3The heart is a major organ in the body due to its function of ensuring that blood reaches the whole body. What we eat to a greater extent affects the heart in its functioning. One should ensure that they have the heart in mind as they eat. This means that they do not eat unhealthy fats which may cause the veins to thin out making the work of pumping blood by the heart difficult. One should ensure that the oils used to cook are heart friendly so that there are no cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels.

Source of energy

Good nutrition is important in giving us energy to run the daily activities we engage in. Without good food, our bodies will not have this energy. It is necessary that the body is given food to ensure that it can also run its bodily processes as well.…