Who needs homeopathy?

During his prior profession as a Human Resource manager, managing director and Lawyer of a worldwide employment consultancy, Dr. Oliver Harffen learned to identify the well-being of people on an individual level and to how to respond to them. Mutual respect and the welfare of others were always important to him even then. Consequently, in the second-half his life, he decided to take up a job that fulfilled those values.

As a naturopath in classical homeopathy, he took into his wide-ranging experience and social abilities for the benefit of the patient. To discover the appropriate homeopathic cure, it was necessary for him to simply have a very wide understanding of homeopathic cores, and also to comprehend human beings in their totality and depth. Dr. Oliver runs Homöopathie in Köln and below are his areas of expertise and how he utilizes his skills.


Respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases for instance coughing, chronic bronchitis or asthma can be fully treated homeopathically. This is frequently the consequence of a hereditary disposition which can be detailed through a homeopathic treatment.


Burnout & anxiety

From homeopathic understanding, things are getting tough in the contemporary professional world. Not everybody is the day-to-day load of long hours, extraordinary workload, harassment, and other challenges. Frequent concerns are Burnout, fatigue conditions or anxiety circumstances. At Homeopathy Cologne, the typical homeopathy assists in an impressive way that bolsters the condition of strength for the purpose of asserting oneself once more in the professional working life.


Homeopathic remedies of psychotherapeutic treatment

Through a blend of psychotherapy and homeopathy, good treatment success can be attained. Therefore, Dr. Oliver works in collaboration with Felicitas Hohenhaus, a graduate psychologist from Cologne.

Homeopathy assists further wherever the person has problems with the awareness acquired from psychotherapy for oneself. He or she psychologically says, “Essentially, I ought to be less scared now, i have improved self-esteem, I’m less miserable and exasperated, etc.” however unlike the thoughts, the patient isn’t yet able to follow. Homeopathy assists to yoke the soul and mind hence removing blockages. This enables them to improve be free from entanglements.


Vaccinations & vaccine damage

The subject of “inoculation” is among the most provocative topics ever. At Homeopathy Cologne, the physicians often decide vaccination although they back conventional treatment and the medicinal industry as wholesome vaccination promoters. This can be quite puzzling for parents.

Vaccination isn’t a natural procedure. In peculiarity to the natural infection through the mucous membranes, whereby the immune system possesses the capability to respond to several defense mechanisms in the stomach, oropharynx (almonds) intestines, blood, liver etc. The vaccine is prepared unnaturally and administered straight into the muscles evading the defense structures in the throat, stomach, intestines. The first immunological analysis of the body for the vaccine happens instantly in the blood. Regularly, a response in the defense mechanism with injurious consequences, for instance, ADHD, encephalopathies, allergies, legastenia, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, or other enduring diseases is upheld or activated, since the body does not have the chance to deal expansively upfront with the pathogen. All the best as you seek the solutions to your health issues.…


A good therapist can help you heal

Therapy remains a highly effective treatment for those undergoing emotional and mental problems. For one to reap its benefits, choosing the right clinical therapist is important. One who is trustworthy and one who cares for you. Additionally, the therapist must have a solid experience background that shows they have done this for quite a while. If you pick the right individual, in a matter of time you will be feeling stronger and self-aware. There are excellent professionals on the list like Leslie Zebel PhD, LMHC, Psychotherapist whom you could consider at times when related services are needed. Unfortunately, no matter how good your therapist might be, it will only work if it’s a two-way effort. During your sessions be attentive and make the most out of them.

How therapy and counseling can be of help

Expressing your thoughts and feelings with supportive people can give you a feeling of relief. The opportunity to voice out your concerns on issues weighing on your mind has a healing effect. It also feels good for a person to be given attention.


Talking about your problems to family and friends is another issue entirely. In several instances, we might be seeking out the help that those around us are unable to provide comfort. In cases where you need additional support, it is important to have an outside perspective that will provide guidance and understanding without criticism. The best person to talk t in such a case is a psychiatrist. Most therapists are professionally trained listeners who assist in getting to the root of the problems while overcoming emotional challenges. This is then accompanied by positive life changes.

You do not have to undergo a mental health evaluation to receive therapy. Therapy is essential in curing our daily concerns such as job stress, relationship troubles, and self-doubt. A good number of people turn to psychiatry right after undergoing a divorce.

Why go for therapy rather than medication?

consulting-1739639_1920Sometimes taking a pill might seem like a quick fix. However, this is just postponing the depression. Emotional and mental problems can be brought about by many issues that medication does not offer complete solutions. In a worst-case scenario, medication might be accompanied by side effects that affect your overall well-being. Alternatively, medication cannot solve a relationship issue affecting your life, so its scope is limited.

Therapy might consume more time and might prove to be challenging. Most of the sessions are quite uncomfortable as thoughts and emotions flare up. This is all part of the treatment process. Unlike medication, the therapy focuses on long-term solutions that go way beyond symptom relief. It equips an individual with the right set of tools to confront everyday life situations that proved challenging or stressful. This helps build your life as you cope with the issues that afflict you.

What to look for in a therapist

First, the experience is key. The therapist must have practiced it before and handled a wide range of cases. Having repeatedly seen this problem, they know how best to help you shake it off. You are at liberty to check on their license to ensure they are board certified. The final tip might be to trust your gut when picking the right therapist.…