Best exercises for your heart

One of the most important organs in the body is the heart. Without a healthy heart, none of our bodily functions will do well. A healthy heart guarantees any individual not only long life, but it also gives you the ability to go about your day to day activities without worrying about having a heart attack, shortness of breath or any ailments that surround an unhealthy heart. To help you live your life in full, below are some of the best exercises for your heart.erthrgefwe

1. Aerobic exercises

The heart benefits greatly when you do aerobic exercises. This is because aerobic exercises strengthen the lungs and the heart, in turn, enabling the heart itself pump blood to various parts efficiently allowing distribution of nutrients and minerals to all body organs. So, any exercise that makes your heart race is good for your heart. Examples of aerobic exercises include; swimming, Zumba dancing, running and jogging. These exercises are not only the best for your heart but also good for the proper functioning of all bodily organs.

2. Yoga

Another very important exercise you can incorporate into your daily routine for a healthy heart are all kinds of stretching exercises that are incorporated in yoga. Yoga experts say that doing yoga can help strengthen the heart. This is because yoga exercises mostly target breathing exercises and meditation which target to soothe or calm the heart. This mind-calming, relaxation and meditative techniques used in yoga can help lower blood pressure and reduce chances of heart diseases by over 90% thus enabling the heart to get enough oxygen responsible for not only a strong cardiac system but a heart that can carry out its functions efficiently.

3. Strength training

t5y6ujyt5y64Another important exercise that helps in making the heart strong is strength training. Our bodies are run by muscles, and the best way these muscles can function efficiently is when they are strong and healthy. While aerobic exercises as stated above help in circulation and pumping of blood efficiently to various parts of the body, strength training when incorporated helps in strengthening the muscles required to carry out these functions. Also, strength training helps you burn excess calories, in turn, keeping the heart healthy all around. The rule of the thumb is to make sure that you do not overdo it especially if you are not capable of lifting heavy weights either due to age and other factors.

Having a healthy heart is easy. The only thing that separates us from a healthy heart is not implementing the processes that give us a healthy heart. Exercises play a vital role in a having a healthy heart however other practices such as eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle like quitting smoking or drinking can also help promote a healthy heart. So, it is not all about exercising, you have to be mindful of what you do right from your bedroom to your kitchen to the place of work. Things like how much do you sleep? What do you eat or how do you spend the rest of the day? Sitting or working out occasionally? These are very important issues that anyone seeking a healthy heart should watch out for. So, do exercise and make sure to live your life heart-friendly.